Hi, I'm Scott Enriquez

Web Developer/Designer in Brooklyn, NY

I have always been a maker. From constructing drum sets to building motorcycles, I love putting things together (and taking them apart). Making fast apps is the most fun, let's build something together.

Perspective iPhone App

An app that allows users to capture video and invite friends to add their own clips based on a common theme. Built in Xcode with Swift.

Moose Search

Meta search that uses Twitter, Youtube and Reddit APIs to return the top results for search terms. Built in Sinatra, with Ruby, HTML/CSS, and PostgreSQL. Deployed on Heroku.

Link to code

Snack Overflow

A website focused on nutriment sharing. Users can share their favorite snacks and participate in a community focused on individual taste. Built with: Ruby on Rails, Rspec, and Foundation. Deployed on Heroku.

Link to code

JWD, Inc.

Corporate website built with WordPress and close attention to branding and SEO.


Motorcycle social web app where users upload motorcycle photos and upvote/downvote their favorites. Built in Sinatra with Ruby, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript.

Link to code